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Welcome to our Wacky Willow blog!  We hope you enjoy visiting it to find out about the learning in Willow Class.

We kick off the Summer term with our exciting theme of ‘Under the Sea’!
We will be learning about the seaside, looking at coastal and sea habitats. The children will study geographical features and look at both the physical and human attributes.
The children will write non-chronological reports about a variety of sea creatures as well as use persuasive language to encourage people to visit the seaside. Later in the term the children will look at stories by the author Julia Donaldson before innovating some exciting stories of their own.



Willow class visit Bournemouth Oceanarium and Beach!

Willow class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium today. The children were delighted to discover a variety of river and sea life including piranhas, manta rays, sharks, giant turtles, jelly fish and moray eels. They also got to see Humboldt penguins and an inquisitive family of otters! After an enjoyable lunch on the beach, the children were keen to explore a tide pool with their buckets and spades. Some impressive teamwork was carried out by all and some super structures involving channels, moats and even fantasy castles were created! The sun shone for us and everyone agreed that the beach was a fantastic place to learn about.  The children will continue their studies on physical and human geographical features over the next few weeks. A huge thank you to the parents who helped out for the day!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Willow Class children had an exciting start to the Spring term today! Our new theme of The Great Fire of London fuelled their curiosity and they built up a wonderwall of questions about the famous event. The children also began to create a new display for the classroom by applying art techniques to create the effect of flames.

Over the next week the children will begin to learn about and apply the features of diary writing. In maths we will be subtracting numbers using concrete objects and drawing pictures before using more abstract strategies including numberlines.



Weekly learning 23/11/17

Using Roald Dahl’s story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a stimulus, the children have been writing character and settings descriptions. They have also planned and rewritten the story, focussing on story structure. This week we have looked at writing to persuade and the children have produced some amazing posters enticing visitors to visit Willy Wonka’s factory! Next week we will be writing book reviews.

In Maths, we have looked at repeated addition and how this links to multiplication. The children have looked at lego pieces to see how similar they are to multiplication arrays! They are learning to use different strategies when showing multiplication, such as pictorial groupings, arrays and the bar method. Next week they will learn how to show multiplication on a numberline.

Today was Victorian Day to celebrate the 130 years of Awbridge Primary on its current site….the children had some fantastic experiences including Victorian playground games, hand inspections, timestables recitals and repetition of handwriting lines. They sat in rows and were given names representative of the era such as Albert, Cecil and Mary. All had a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience….they are even keen to keep the tables in rows!


Our amazing day at the Sustainability Centre!

The Autumn sun shone brightly today as Willow class and Year 1 Chestnuts had a fun-filled day of learning at the Sustainability Centre in the Meon Valley. The children looked at different types of natural materials and their uses and learned about plants and seeds too. The children sorted materials into ‘natural’ or ‘man made’  categories and thought about where materials came from. They went on to collect natural materials from the woodland before creating some wonderful ‘mandalas’ in the style of artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children also used natural clay to sculpture faces onto trees under the ‘veil of silence’…..some very special moments and indeed memories to take away with us.  A huge thank you to all the adult helpers who helped to give the children such a fantastic day!


Weekly learning 5/10/17

Another amazing week in Willow class with the children writing the story of How the Koala Learned to Hug. We have been focussing on punctuation, nouns and using adjectives as well as structuring the story in the correct sequence. Next week we will retelling a story about a wombat! In maths the children have continued to focus on place value through ordering numbers and problem solving. Next week we will be finding doubles and halves.

Willow children sang Cauliflowers Fluffy beautifully at today’s Harvest celebration…a huge thanks to all that donated foods.

We are looking forward to visiting the Sustainability Centre next Thursday. We are hoping for good weather, although children should be dressed warmly because we will be outdoors all day. Look out for some photographs of our trip here next week!


Weekly learning 28/9/17

The children have had a fantastic week in Willow class! After practising their sentence writing and learning about what makes a good sentence, the children have started listening to stories from Australia. We began with How the Koala Learned to Hug and some fantastic character descriptions have been written and read aloud. Next week we will begin planning and writing stories. In maths this week the children have been learning about place value in two-digit numbers. They have been using lots of resources and have begun to think about partitioning numbers in different ways. Next week we will be ordering numbers. Another fantastic cricket session today with Chris from Hampshire Cricket…..no doubting that we have some budding cricketers in our midst!

Welcome to a new school year!

Happy New School Year to all in Willow Class! We have had a fantastic start to the new term with the children settling very quickly and enjoying getting to know their new class.

We have undertaken lots of fun activities in our first week. The children have particularly enjoyed the artwork. Focussing on our theme of Australia, the children have learned about pointillism and created their own mini canvas of an Australian animal using this technique. Additionally, they have learned sewing skills and made their own puppets! They have also been learning about the Great Barrier Reef through dyeing textiles and using resist materials to outline their sea creature shape. We have had some fantastic comments from both children and parents about this. Thank you!

Please feel free to comment on our blog about your child’s learning or get your child to add a comment! We love to hear about what they have learned and how they have continued their learning at home.