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Welcome to our Wacky Willow blog!  We hope you enjoy visiting it to find out about the learning in Willow Class.



Invitation to see our unique 3D model parks…

As part of home learning for our Where Would You Rather Live…? theme, some amazing 3D model parks have already arrived in Willow class! With more to come later this week, we would like to invite parents and grandparents to come in to Willow class this Friday morning at 9.15am for a viewing. We all look forward to seeing you there!


Going on Safari!

The children had an exciting adventure on Thursday when they headed off to Longleat Safari Park as an introduction to their topic on Africa. As well as identifying African animals, the children were unfazed about holding some fairly ferocious looking creatures including hissing cockroaches and giant snails. We had a very close up look at a beautiful tarantula and managed to stroke a python. During the morning the children saw ant-eaters, armadillos, meerkats and porcupines. They were surprised to find out that there are penguins in Africa! After lunch we headed to the African Village to see zebra, giraffe and some very agile lemurs.

We boarded the coach once more for our safari and saw rhinos, camels, ostrich and flamingoes. Finally we passed through security gates and were amazed to see tigers, very close up lions, cheetahs and wolves. After all the excitement we headed back to school ready to write about our adventure.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful parent and adult helpers for their support!


Nature detectives!

As part of our Where Would You Rather Live? theme, the children have walked to the local park and nature reserve to carry out some investigative learning. They showed strong teamwork skills and set out in groups to discover more about the local area. We found a variety of trees including hazel, spindle and birch, as well as plenty of wildlife including birds (we heard woodpeckers!), squirrels and even a deer. We found evidence of badgers too! The children were impressed by the vast number of spider webs and Evan renamed the park ‘Cobweb Alley’! The children introduced Mrs O’Brien to Arthur the friendly goat too.

Before returning to school, the children sketched out maps of the park and made a tally chart to keep note of how the park is being used. Back at school we had a debate about how the park area could be improved. Over the next three weeks the children will be making their own 3D model parks as a home learning project.

A huge thank you to the parents who supported the children during the trip!


Welcome to a new school year!

Happy New School Year to all in Willow Class! We have had a fantastic start to the new term with the children settling very quickly and enjoying getting to know their new class.

We have undertaken lots of fun activities in our first week. The children have embraced our theme of Where Would You Rather Live (Awbridge vs Africa?) and have particularly enjoyed the artwork. We have created sketches with a focus on line, tone and texture, and have begun to discover the work of British artist David Hockney. Additionally, the children have been investigating the school grounds through thinking about how different places within our school makes them feel. The children have also been writing up amazing recounts of their holiday adventures. Well done to all the children for their fantastic attitude this first week back!

Next week we will be learning about sentence structure and the order of number. We will also be starting Phonics and Guided Reading.

Please feel free to comment on our blog about your child’s learning or get your child to add a comment! We love to hear about what they have learned and how they have continued their learning at home.

Year 2 camping fun!

It was a pleasure to have the Year 2 children camping on the school field last night. A great time was had by all and the children proved to be natural campers! They set up their own bedding, enjoyed ice lollies, played games and enjoyed a barbecue. This was followed by more games, a water fight with the staff and a film with hot chocolate and popcorn. At sunset the children snuggled down in their beds and enjoyed chatting with their tent mates before waking to another glorious day and breakfast in the classroom. Well done everyone for your fantastic attitude and behaviour. Huge thanks to parents who supplied tents and to those who helped put them up and take them down again. We couldn’t do it without you!



Willow class visit Bournemouth Oceanarium and Beach!

Willow class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium today. The children were delighted to discover a variety of river and sea life including piranhas, manta rays, sharks, giant turtles, jelly fish and moray eels. They also got to see Humboldt penguins and an inquisitive family of otters! After an enjoyable lunch on the beach, the children were keen to explore a tide pool with their buckets and spades. Some impressive teamwork was carried out by all and some super structures involving channels, moats and even fantasy castles were created! The sun shone for us and everyone agreed that the beach was a fantastic place to learn about.  The children will continue their studies on physical and human geographical features over the next few weeks. A huge thank you to the parents who helped out for the day!